ughlin. The names included Lu Xun,

Mao Dun, Cao Yu, and Ba Jin, mostly au▓thors from the first half of the 20th Century.Mor

temporary writers," he said. "The more you read ba▓ck into the century before and the centuries before ▓that...the m

folk tales, history an

ore you see the continuities and chang▓es of Chinese culture."CROSSING CULTURAL▓ BARRIER

S IN DIGITAL, VISUAL WORLDLaughlin has been cha▓nging his syllabus and

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ways of teaching his students▓ about literature in general as it is becoming "marginalized by digital culture and

d the contemporary.""It'

visual culture." His Chinese literature course is no exception."I th▓ink another chall

enge we have here is that students ar▓e not necessarily reading a lot o

f ▓literature anyway, " he said. "We ha▓ve to draw their attention back to the specific richness of language and

s hard for me ▓to keep

text. But I also use more film and visual culture in my classes."As to his students'

reaction to the "By the River" novella collection, he sa▓id: "American

students who don't know so much about China find it a little difficult to relate to the problems and issues that

up with all of the great

characters in these stories are dealing with.""Some of them liked stories more than I

expected them to. And some of them disliked stories that I thought th

at they wo▓uld like," he said. "But I think they make a ▓great component to use in teaching about moder▓n and con

(Chinese) author▓s who

temporary Chinese literature.""Apa▓rt from learning the thoughts, feelings, and priorit

ies of Chinese characters or authors, I think literature helps convinc

e us of our common humani▓ty," he said. "This is particularly important in a world that uses language and media i

are being brought into

ncreasingly to d▓ivide us and distance us from others.""People who▓ don't read foreign l

iteratures are more likely to view people of other cultures as▓ funda

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